HOW IT WORKS - Sell your Surplus Chemicals

1. Make Contact
Please send a surplus / obsolete raw material list to
2. Review the List
Nimex will review your list and identify select stocks to purchase.
3. Additional Information
Nimex may request additional info on select stocks e.g. COA's, manufactures dates, etc (if available).
4. View the stocks
Nimex will request to view your stocks and take appropriate photographs.
5. Request a Sample
Nimex may request a small sample for Lab Tests.
6. Offer
Nimex will make an offer on selected stocks for which there is a market.
7. Offer Acceptance
If the offer is accepted, Nimex will make an upfront payment, with our buying condition being an "as is" ("voetstoots") basis.
8. Collection
Nimex will make arrangements to collect the stock.
9. Benefits of Selling Surplus Stock
Generate Income, eliminate disposal costs, free-up warehousing space and minimise waste going to a chemical land-fill site.
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