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Nimex International (Pty) Ltd was founded in 1997 by Nigel Thomas and specialises in the trading of surplus and obsolete chemical stocks.


A list of discount priced chemicals that are currently available can be viewed by clicking on the "PRODUCTS" tab. 


Our business proposition is that it is far better for a responsible use to be found for an unwanted chemical stock as opposed to its destruction via incineration or dumping in a chemical land-fill site. Many chemicals have completely different applications to that as utilised by the existing owner. Our core competency is a wide knowledge of chemistry and hence our ability to move chemical stocks into different applications.


We follow the principles of "Responsible Care" of redundant chemicals in their storage, transportation and use. To this end, our buying and selling processes for such materials can be viewed by clicking on the corresponding tabs above.


The discount priced sale of surplus and obsolete chemicals to our customers saves them money whilst, in turn, generating cash to the original owner. The industrial use (instead of destruction) of redundant chemicals is beneficial to the environment ... a matter in which we take great pride with every sales transaction that we conduct. 

Expired and Surplus Chemicals


Managing Director



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