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 We buy and sell surplus and expired chemical stocks. Send us a list of your redundant stocks.

Expired and Surplus Chemicals
Significant Cost Savings

Both sellers and buyers of redundant / obsolete stocks benefit econonically. Redundant chemicals are a liability and attract significant disposal costs. Selling usable redundant stocks eliminates these disposal costs and generates income. Buyers of redundant stocks will significantly reduce their raw material costs.


Expired and Surplus Chemicals
Free Up Warehouse Space
Expired and Surplus Chemicals
Environmentally Friendly

Redundant chemicals consume valuable warehouse and yard space. As a seller of redundant chemicals you can use the space for new raw materials, finished products and for operations. If your warehousing is outsourced, then you will reduce warehousing expenses.

Both buyers and sellers of redundant chemical stocks are contributing positively to the environment as there is a reduction in materials being disposed at land fills. If raw materials are usable, then there is no reason why they should be destroyed.

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